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"There is a destiny that makes men brothers: 

None goes his way alone;
All that we send into the lives of others: 

Comes back into our own.


~Edwin Markham (1852-1940)




Listen Live to Class Night, 1962! (Saturday, June 2nd, 9:00 P.M.)

"Medley".... Hedylajo Kilgore, Piano - **audio missing**
Invocation.... Delbert Hodder - **audio missing**

 Part 1

Welcome.... Mary Lou Ide
Reading.... Bonnie Kennedy

  Part 2

Valedictory Address.... Edward A. Nygard
"Dream of Olwen".... John M. Cox, piano; Joy Weisher '61, organ

  Part 3

President's Address.... Melvyn W. Douglass
Response... Edmund Bolan '63
"I Believe".... John R. Alfke, baritone
Class Gift Presentation... Janet Tolan
Tribute to Parents.... Lois Beyeler, William Tymeson

  Part 4

"Halls of Ivy" .... Senior Class



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