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"There is a destiny that makes men brothers: 

None goes his way alone;
All that we send into the lives of others: 

Comes back into our own.


~Edwin Markham (1852-1940)



Poems by Mildred J. Douglass (1908-1988)

The Old White House


The Old White House at the top of the hill

Has rooms that stand all empty and still.

No longer the patter of little feet

Without which no home is complete.


Our boys all to manhood have grown

Each now have a home of their own.

Their houses are full of laughter and glee,

For they have children now you see.


I loved to watch them grow as the years went by,

But oft now to my lips come a deep sigh.

For all too soon my boys were grown and gone,

Now only memories linger on and on.


But we would have it no other way

For we were happy for the time they did stay.


When I'm restless and cannot sleep at night

Down Memories Lane my thoughts take flight.

Soon I feel my lips curl with a smile

For Memories sure make everything worthwhile.


--- 4 a.m. 11/17/1968 by Mildred J. Douglass


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